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Gaming streams are limited to maximum speeds of 2Mbps and music streaming is limited to Kbps. The plan comes with always on data prioritization.

Unlimited data plans are a mess: here’s how to pick the best one

That means at any time the network becomes busy with traffic, data speeds may be temporarily slowed down until the network becomes less busy. This is a policy similar to many other unlimited LTE data plans on the market. The Unlimited Plus add-on also ups data speeds for gaming to 8Mbps and music to 1. It should also give each line 50GB of mobile hotspot data to use, and an additional 5GB of data to use while traveling in Mexico or Canada. Those that don't have multiple lines to bring over to Sprint can still get the Unlimited Basic plan free for a year provided that they have an eligible phone to port in with.

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Sprint unlimited plans: Explained

Recent comment authors. That introduces some welcome flexibility to Verizon's family offerings. One other thing to be aware of: T-Mobile and Sprint are about to merge now that they've won regulatory approval from the federal government. A lawsuit by several states could still undo the deal.

Which unlimited plan should you buy in 12222: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon?

We're still waiting to hear how that will impact the combined carrier's plans and what Dish plans to charge for wireless coverage once it takes control of some of the network spectrum T-Mobile and Sprint have to give up. To compare carriers, we assembled plans for a family of four.

Best Cell Phone Plans [August 2019]

You can opt for family plans for as few as two lines and as many as 10 with the major carriers. Verizon and Sprint now allow you to mix and match different unlimited data tiers with their plans, meaning you can have some lines that are less expensive than others. For consistent comparisons, though, we looked at family plans with the same kind of data plan for each line.

With 5G networks launching this year in some cities, expect more wireless carriers to reveal what the faster networking standard will mean for your smartphone bill. T-Mobile has said that its 5G plans will feature unlimited data and that pricing will be unchanged from what it currently charges. Sprint customers won't pay extra for 5G service, but they will need to get Sprint's most expensive unlimited plan if they want service for the 5G-capable LG V50 ThinQ.

T-Mobile is our choice for the best family plan, thanks to its pool of unlimited data for every member of the family and its host of extras.

Sprint Cell Phone Plans - NerdWallet

Other factors make T-Mobile Magenta attractive. The previous plan capped hotspot speeds at 3G. T-Mobile's price also takes fees and taxes into account, so the price it advertises is the one you'll see on your bill at the end of the month. That's not the case with the cheaper T-Mobile Essentials plan. T-Mobile also reserves the right to slow down data speeds on Essential Plans if its network gets congested. Instead, T-Mobile's standard unlimited data plan caps video streaming at p resolution and gives you unlimited hotspot data capped at 3G speeds.

Magenta Plus also includes unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi through Gogo. Who Should Get Sprint: Customers who want to pay the least amount possible while still enjoying unlimited data.

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  • Consumer Reports checks out the latest from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.
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  • The 8 Best Family Cell Phone Plans of 12222?
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  • And while the Basic plan's perks aren't as generous as what you get with Plus or Premium, the lower monthly bill is very attractive — especially compared to Premium, which is one of the most expensive options for families. Plus and Premium subscribers get full HD streaming.

    There are restriction on streaming music up to Kbps and gaming up to 2 Mbps that other Sprint unlimited plans don't impose. Go over those limits, and your speeds are slowed to 3G. Basic, Plus and Premium subscribers get Hulu's streaming service bundled with their wireless plan, but free access to the Tidal music streaming service is only available to Plus and Premium plans. Premium customers also enjoy an Amazon Prime membership and access to Lookout Premium Plus, which is a mobile security service.

    If none of those bells and whistles feel like must-haves to you, then Unlimited Basic is Sprint's best buy. Those discounts end September 30, , at which time you'll resume paying full price. Sprint also lets you mix and match its different unlimited plans so that one line can be the Plus plan while others can be the lower cost basic plan.

    That's welcome flexibility for families. It also happens to have the same restrictions on streaming videos, music and games you'll find with the Unlimited Basic plan. MORE: Sprint 55 vs.